Thursday Testing Tea with host Thomas Shipley

Thursday Testing Tea

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Join Thomas Shipley as he hosts an engaging Thursday Testing Tea.

A time to come together over a brew (or whatever you like to drink) to explore topics related to testing, using the powerful Lean Coffee approach

Structured with timers yet agenda-less, bring your topics with you and vote for those you are interested in. We'll spend 6 minutes on each topic. ⏳

Register only if you're up for participating – you'll listen and speak via an interactive group video call. We very much welcome a diverse group of folks who are open to learning from and respecting each other. The format will ensure the video chat stays on each topic and ideally everyone has the opportunity to share and discuss.

Who should attend

Anyone from the testing community

We welcome anyone from the testing community to participate.

Non-testing folks

Keen to see what's currently important in the world of testing yet unsure where to start? This session might be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lean Coffee and what do I do when I join the session?

Lean Coffee is a helpful technique for facilitating conversations across various topics. First, everyone adds their topic ideas to a Miro board (a virtual whiteboard). Then people vote on those topics. Each topic is discussed for six minutes. There's the opportunity to continue with the same topic for another three minutes when the timer stops or move on to the next topic. The session lasts an hour.

Not all topics will be discussed yet it's a good opportunity to follow up with folks after the session to chat more. The idea is that everyone gets to explore valuable topics that are important to them. Good listening and understanding are very much welcome. The host will facilitate the session and ensure everyone has an opportunity to share and speak. 

I can't seem to join the session on Butter, what's up?

Butter best supports a Chrome desktop browser – and downloadable desktop app. You might also like to check these firewall instructions.