Welcome to the Ministry of Testing Community



😮 Joining a new community can feel overwhelming.

🤔 Where should I hang out? What things could I do? Who can I connect with? How do I respect the ways of the community?

👋 Have you recently joined the Ministry of Testing community and don't know where to start? This session is for you.


By the end of this interactive session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what Ministry of Testing is and how it helps the software testing craft
  • Discuss the importance of the Ministry of Testing Code of Conduct and how it helps the community
  • Name multiple ways to learn, contribute and connect with the community
  • Connect with other community members with shared interests


This is an interactive session led by Zenzi Ali. Be prepared to switch on your camera and connect with other folks in the community who are in a similar position to you.

We very much welcome a diverse group of people who work in many different contexts. The session is a safe space to explore what's possible with the Ministry of Testing community, to discover how it might help you and how it already helps others.


😃 Come say hi. We look forward to meeting you.

This event is free, login to register.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't seem to join the session on Butter, what's up?

Butter best supports a desktop browser – and downloadable desktop app. It will work on a mobile device yet you need to install the mobile app first before joining on your mobile. 

Also, check these firewall instructions.


Do I have to engage during the session? I'd prefer to just listen.

We appreciate that for some another group video call is just all too much, particularly if your learning style prefers asynchronous learning – and learning by oneself. If you're open to it, we encourage some level of engagement which will involve speaking with at least one other person during the session. If this type of interactive session isn't for you please do let us know and we can explore alternative options. This is an inclusive community and we look to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of all our events.