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Integrating Your Automated Tests into Xray

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Cristiano Cunha's profile
Cristiano Cunha

Solution Architect & Testing Advocate

Talk Description
Learn how to integrate Xray with your existing automated tests.  Cristiano demonstrates how to use Xray with JUnit 5, Java and Selenium, along with useful annotations giving you the opportunity to update the information you’re sending back to Jira via GitHub.   
Richard is on hand, asking questions throughout, finding out what set up you need or don’t.  It’s filled with useful resources.  
Cristiano Cunha's profile'

Cristiano Cunha

Solution Architect & Testing Advocate

About Speaker

Cristiano Cunha is a Solution Architect & Test Advocate in Xray Team. He is passionate about testing, automation and delivery process improvement. He started his career as a developer and evolved to be a tester, passing through an Infrastructure position along the way, always learning different ways to enhance the process, either technically or focusing in soft skills. His career path, having been on all sides of the trenches, provided him with a unique view of the process and the challenges it puts forward. He also writes in his blog: and has contributed to several test automation tutorials. Cristiano has already talked in several conferences such as: ExpoQA, PortoTechHub, Workshops in Ministry of Testing and Testing Portugal. He also participates in several meetups and other events.

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