Integrations with Allure TestOps with George Ivanov

14th September 2023
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George I

Allure Testops tech support lead, and stuff @ Qameta Software Inc.

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Talk Description

George shows examples of bi-directional integration, while demonstrating the ease of integrating Allure TestOps with the likes of Jenkins and Github.  All your tests are shared in your test cloud, which means it's simple to rerun tests as your need. Saving you lots of time.

The integrations descriptions:

The pre-recorded demo with Allure Testops workflows overview:

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Allure Report

Allure Report is a powerful Test Reporting Tool that generates clear, detailed, and visually engaging testing reports for automation projects in minutes.

With its intuitive interface and detailed insights, Allure Report enhances test result visualisation, making it easier to analyse test outcomes. It is designed to be language and framework-agnostic: Allure supports over 100 test frameworks and integrates seamlessly with all the popular testing tools and CI/CD pipelines.

With the ability to create attachments and customise report appearance, Allure Report improves collaboration and decision-making within development and testing teams, enabling better communication of test results and efficient debugging and issue resolution.

Allure Report is a testament to the power of open-source collaboration. Developed by the community, maintained by QAmeta Software, and loved by developers!
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George I

Allure Testops tech support lead, and stuff @ Qameta Software Inc.

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