Generating Automated Tests with GPT with Coty Rosenblath

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Richard Bradshaw

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Coty Rosenblath

Chief Technology Officer

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Talk Description
Learn how Katalon can help you generate automation with the assistance of GPT within their IDE. Richard delves deeper with Coty to uncover how to you can use your time more effectively, speeding up your generation of automated tests.

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Richard Bradshaw's profile'

Richard Bradshaw

Richard Bradshaw is an experienced tester, consultant and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training and giving presentation on a variety of topics related to testing. He is a fan of automation that supports testing. With over 10 years testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development. Richard is a very active member of the testing community. Richard blogs at and tweets as @FriendlyTester. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Whiteboard Testing.
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Coty Rosenblath

Chief Technology Officer

Hands-on technology leader with experience designing, building, and deploying enterprise software

Six years as senior technologist at a leading global provider of financial services software, providing strategic and tactical technology leadership and management

Experienced liaison between and among corporate organizations (Product Management, Development, Professional Services, etc.), with experience balancing business and technical imperatives

Effective corporate representative with experience presenting corporate vision to employees, customers, prospects, partners, and analysts

Specialties: Software Development, Data Engineering, AI/Machine Learning, Marketing Automation, Healthcare, Technology Strategy, Technology Innovation, M&A, Due Diligence

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