PreEmptive Dotfuscator for .NET with John Brawner

2nd July 2024
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John Brawner

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Talk Description

Learn about PreEmptive’s .NET application protection tool, Dotfuscator.  PreEmptive helps defend the apps you’re building against reverse engineering, tampering, and unauthorized debugging.  Whether deploying to the cloud, mobile, desktop, browser, or IoT, there are several unauthorized actions that can be done by bad actors if we don’t take appropriate steps.

John Brawner, Lead Solutions Engineer at PreEmptive will demonstrate Dotfuscator’s usage and configuration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the threat of Reverse Engineering and tampering in a .NET application
  • Understand how to protect a .NET application against hacking and reverse engineering using Dotfuscator
  • Gain insights into the features of Renaming, String Encryption, and Control Flow obfuscation
  • Witness how these techniques make reverse engineering more difficult, and enhance application security
John Brawner's profile'

John Brawner

Solutions Engineer

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