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This page is dedicated to YouTube videos related to software testing. Please contact us to submit a software testing video. Each post appears as a link shortly after being published.

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    October 2018 KWality Talk - Lauren Weber
    Posted: October 23rd 2018 01:02 | Author: KWSQA
    AI for Imperfect-Information Games: Beating Top Humans in No-Limit Poker
    Posted: October 22nd 2018 17:09 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Leading Science and Technology: India Next?
    Posted: October 19th 2018 23:00 | Author: Microsoft Research
    SeConf 2018 - Chicago: Opening Remarks
    Posted: October 19th 2018 17:11 | Author: Selenium Conference
    Designing the future with the help of the past with Bill Buxton
    Posted: October 18th 2018 21:14 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Ubiquitous Wearable and Implanted Sensing: A Fully Wireless Solution
    Posted: October 18th 2018 21:01 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Church-Turing Thesis Cannot Possibly Be True
    Posted: October 18th 2018 21:01 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Accelerating AI with Project Brainwave and Intel FPGAs
    Posted: October 17th 2018 16:40 | Author: Microsoft Research
    Silent Voice: Unnoticeable Voice Input by Ingressive Speech (Full Version)
    Posted: October 17th 2018 16:36 | Author: Microsoft Research
    "Building Senior Engineers" by Dalton Mitchell
    Posted: October 17th 2018 02:49 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Of Data Dropboxes and Data Gloveboxes" by Clay Baenziger
    Posted: October 17th 2018 01:18 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Scala DSLs and Probabilistic Programming" by Joe Wingbermuehle
    Posted: October 17th 2018 01:18 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Soul from Scratch: Designing a More Portable Organ" by Peter Teichman
    Posted: October 17th 2018 01:15 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Git from the Ground Up" by Safia Abdalla
    Posted: October 16th 2018 20:01 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Musical Steganography: Hiding Things in Music" by Scott Fradkin
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:22 | Author: Strange Loop
    "How we've made a global search engine for genetic data" by Miro Cupak
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:21 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Designing Augmented Reality Systems for Speed" by Diana Hu
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:19 | Author: Strange Loop
    "You are a Program Synthesizer" by James Koppel
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:18 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Moving from 1 to N regions: an open retrospective" by Andrew Bloomgarden
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:17 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Isolation without Containers" by Tyler McMullen
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:15 | Author: Strange Loop
    "Software Performance: A Shape Not a Number" by Kay Ousterhout
    Posted: October 16th 2018 16:13 | Author: Strange Loop