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Agile Test Leadership and More! with Anna Royzman

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Talk Description

Professional development landscape is changing rapidly. Current means of information sharing allow for faster research, distribution and adoption of various new practices that have a profound effect on organizations. Understanding and practicing the modern product delivery methodologies is a key to building a successful career for a test professional.

In this masterclass, we will review new trends in product delivery: how the concept of Agile is emerging and morphing with Lean, CI, etc. We will then review where the test professional fits in, where the testing adds value, how to lead testing activities in constantly changing environments.

The takeaways:

  • Overview of the emerging practices landscape and new team work methods in environments of various complexity (Cynefin model)
  • Understanding where testing fits in
  • Leading test activities with confidence in new environments

About Anna:

A context-driven scholar, professional tester for over 15 years and a thought leader, Anna is always on a quest for quality. Her passion is in discovering new techniques and creating environments that allow people to be most effective at what they do. Anna is a renowned trainer and an invited speaker at international Agile, Testing and Quality conferences. Anna serves on Community Advisory Board for Software Test Professionals Association.

What you’ll learn
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