Dealing with Device Fragmentation in Mobile Games Testing

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Ru Cindrea

Senior Test Consultant

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Talk Description
Device fragmentation is one of the biggest challenges in mobile testing in general. When it comes to mobile games specifically, not supporting a few device models that are very popular in certain markets can lead to significant revenue losses. Thus, the typical approach of choosing a sample of devices to test your games on no longer seems like a valuable strategy. 

In this Masterclass, Ru discusses her own experience as a test consultant at Altom, working with Bitbar, a Finnish startup, to build a test framework that enables mobile game companies to run efficient automated checks on hundreds of devices simultaneously through the use of Testdroid Cloud - Bitbar’s mobile device cloud solution.

Using Appium and image recognition algorithms, they built a solution that enables game companies to test their games on real iOS and Android devices in the cloud, even when the games are developed with game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine, where the UI objects are not exposed. This Masterclass will show examples of this framework in use and will give you a great starting point for dealing with device fragmentation when it comes to testing mobile games. 
What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Describe the unique challenges of testing mobile games
  • Describe solutions to overcome challenges of writing automated scripts for mobile games
  • Recognise the benefits of using device farms in the cloud
  • List ways to use OpenCV Image Recognition Algorithms
Ru Cindrea's profile'

Ru Cindrea

Senior Test Consultant

Ru Cindrea is a senior test consultant and managing partner at Altom Consulting. With more than ten years of experience in software testing, she is particularly interested in mobile testing and automation with a special interest in mobile games. Ru is an instructor for the Black Box Software Testing series offered by Altom in collaboration with KFA (Kaner-Fiedler Associates).
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