Multiplying the Odds

15th June 2017
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It used to be a lot easier to build a software testing career. That was yesterday when the expectations about testing were shared across the industry. Of course, there were variations. Not every workplace had a dedicated team of skilled testers, and not every piece of software was tested with the same degree of rigour. But, most software creators and integrators agreed that all software needed to be tested before release by highly skilled testers.

Now, we continually devise different ways to create and implement software and embrace sophisticated tools to assist every stage of the process. There is no longer a robust dominant paradigm of software testing. Our expectations of how to test, when to test, who should test—even whether we need to test at all—keep changing with new methods and technology.

How we deal with this exciting and ever-changing world has major implications for every tester and indeed for the world: in the value we can bring to projects and teams, how we manage our careers, how we train up-and-coming testers, and what skills we learn and teach.

How will you multiply your odds of thriving as a software tester? Join Fiona Charles to explore the possibilities in this world of many paradigms.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Identify change drivers altering testing roles
  • Recognise important skills and knowledge to develop to improve your employability
  • Recognise useful character traits and experience to improve your employability
Fiona Charles's profile'

Fiona Charles

I’m Fiona Charles, owner and principal consultant at Quality Intelligence, Inc., a small independent business offering consulting services in software testing and test management. I formed the company early in 2007, after nearly 13 years working for IT services companies as a consultant and test manager on client projects.
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