Strategies to Make Your Automated Checks Reliable and Robust

20th February 2019
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Peter Bartlett

Senior Technical Product Manager

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Talk Description

The advantages of automated checks are well known; they save testers working through mundane, manual test cases repeatedly to check for regressions.
Unfortunately, their disadvantages are also well known, being prone to unreliable results and a high cost of maintainability. 

In this Masterclass, Peter shows you how to overcome the pains of writing and running automated checks and turn them into an integral part of your continuous delivery pipeline. He goes on to share his experience in writing an automated checking framework using Selenium. He'll then describe how a deployment pipeline that utilises this automated checking framework can give important information on releasability. Peter will demonstrate how to structure your code with re-usable and flexible components, making it less prone to flaky results, easier to update and easier to understand. He will also reflect on problems faced during his 9 years of writing automation code and how he overcame these issues.

This Masterclass is kindly sponsored by Applitools. Applitools is on a mission to help test automation, DevOps, and software engineering teams release apps that are visually perfect -- by providing the only commercial-grade solution that validates the user interface of any app in a fully automated manner. Find out more about Applitools.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Identify how to target and integrate your automated checks to be a beneficial slice of your continuous delivery pipeline
  • Use a following a simple set of guidelines to boost the reliability, maintainability and usefulness of your automated checks by
  • Improve your existing automated checking framework
  • Avoid the common problems that can plague your automated tests
Peter Bartlett's profile'

Peter Bartlett

Senior Technical Product Manager

Peter Bartlett is in the process of transitioning from the Quality Practice Lead at Campaign Monitor, to the Head of Automation in Sydney at PlanIt. Within Campaign Monitor he led a culture change in how quality and testing were viewed and implemented within the organisations and is keen to share this journey for others to learn from. This role involved being the global lead of Quality across 3 products, with responsibilities over an international team of testers. Moving into PlanIt, he will head up a team of test automation experts in tackling tricky problems for clients across a wide variety of industries, office cultures and business sizes. He has over 9 years experience in testing, with strong manual and technical experience, he loves problem solving and finding new and better ways to do things. He is an international speaker.

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