Creating Test Strategies Teams Will Read

23rd September 2021
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Thomas Shipley

Head of QA @ GlobalLogic

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Talk Description

Test Strategy is an overloaded term. Some fear multiple pages of formal documents that no one will read. Others want every detail documented formally and tightly version controlled. What is best? More importantly, what is best for your project? The context is the key.

This session dives into the detail of test strategies. Discussing what works well for different project contexts, common strategy types, and how to get your team to read it.

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What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • List what makes a test strategy successful
  • Use techniques to create an apt test strategy
  • Choose a strategy style that is best for your context
  • List six ways to engage your team to read and use your test strategy
Thomas Shipley's profile'

Thomas Shipley

Head of QA @ GlobalLogic

Hi. I am Thomas Shipley and I work in Quality Advocacy. My career is focused on understanding what others in a team are doing. The impact of planned work, managing the expectations of stakeholders and analysing development changes. By asking questions of a team I can better understand the impacts of these changes. Understanding more I begin to coach teams. Sharing my expertise in testing with the team so they can start thinking more like testers themselves. I mentor, pair, persuade and promote towards my goal of shared quality ownership. Sometimes this is challenging but often worth it!
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