Getting Started in Security Testing

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Daniel Billing

Senior Software Engineer

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Talk Description
If you want to expand your testing skills to include aspects of security or have been asked to test for security on your applications but don't know where to start; this Masterclass is for you! In less than an hour, you will gain an understanding of some of the main aspects of security testing. 

Dan walks you through unique approaches, skills and techniques to get started with security testing. Then goes on to show you a range of tools that will provide you with a whole host of information and data to inject value into your bug reports. You will then be shown the main dangers and pitfalls you will face as you start security testing your applications. Lastly, you be given some recommended learning and reading to do outside of this Masterclass.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Recall approaches, skills and techniques you can use to get started with security testing
  • Use security testing tools to inject value into your bug reports
  • Recognise common dangers and pitfalls that occur when security testing your applications
  • List resources to further your security testing knowledge
Daniel Billing's profile'

Daniel Billing

Senior Software Engineer

Dan has been a tester for 20 years, working within a diverse range of development organisations, mostly in London and the south-west of England. He is now freelance test consultant, coach and trainer, but has worked within some complex industries and contexts. His skills include mentoring, supporting and training members of the team to develop their security skills also. Dan’s love of testing drives him to become an active member of the testing community. He has organised international events and workshops in the testing community, and is a speaker at various international Agile, technology and testing conferences. He is also a co-host of the Screen Testing podcast, alongside Neil Studd.
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