How To Build a Thriving QA/Testing Team With People-First Leadership

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Shweta Sharma

Director of Quality Engineering Services

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Talk Description

A good people leader must possess strong interpersonal skills such as empathy, active listening, and effective communication. They should also build and maintain relationships of trust, act honestly, and serve as role models for others. Yet, how do you develop those qualities?

Shweta shares their journey into leadership. Discover how they learned to promote a climate of collaboration, constant improvement, and freedom for everyone to contribute fully. 

During Shwetta's five-year journey overseeing remote Quality Engineering teams, they've witnessed the beauty of one action igniting another to start a domino effect that allowed the QA team to work effectively. She's also experienced the challenges that come with leadership and shares it all in this Masterclass to support you with your leadership journey.

Topics covered include: Internal and community contributions, objectives and key results (OKRs), key performance indicators (KPIs), hackathons/contests, forum channels, public and private recognition, private feedback mechanisms, monthly gatherings, mentorship programs and more! 
Watch this Masterclass to leverage Shweta's experience and discover many ways to build a thriving QA/Testing Team with people-first leadership.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this masterclass, you'll be able to:

  • Interpret the term “people first leadership”
  • Operate with or use components of effective leadership
  • Carry out more effective 1-1s with your team members
  • Build creative ways to enable a culture of learning in your team
  • Simulate mentoring and individualised guidance
Shweta Sharma's profile'

Shweta Sharma

Director of Quality Engineering Services

Shweta Sharma has been contributing to the digital ecosystem for over 16 years now by wearing multiple hats, though she started her journey as a tester in a large organization. Her quest and hunger for better opportunities led her to work with smaller firms, where she enjoyed working on challenging projects ranging from product-based testing to large-scale web applications. She enjoyed collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to raise the quality of the deliverable in every and any way possible and soon gained the reputation of being the glue of the team. Her collaborative attitude, agile mindset, and comprehension of the underlying domain soon paved the way for leadership opportunities. She currently works as the Director of Quality Engineering Services at Axelerant and is ready to dive into the world of the fourth industrial revolution to serve the digital world with modern-day transformative strategies. Her colleagues consider her to be a problem solver, a servant leader, a persistent learner, and an authentic communicator. Off work, she loves hiking with her family on weekends and travelling across the world to witness the diversity in nature, people, and cultures. At home, she enjoys listening to Indian classical music and watching stand-up comedy to uplift her mood.
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