How Profiles Are Used

If you've explored your Ministry of Testing (MoT) account recently, you'll have noticed a new section called 'Profile' under your account, which is asking you for some optional* data.
This post will explain how this data will be used, and some insight into our future plans.

* If you've created content with us, such as an article, course or are a speaker/instructor as a future event, while this form will display them as optional, you will be encouraged to provide them, to help us promote the content, but also direct people towards you.

Where This Data is Used

For the vast majority of you, if you were to provide this data it wouldn't be used at all. Currently, this data will only be used for the following purposes. Speakers, this information will appear next to your talk, course or workshop that your performing or have performed at a TestBash event. Authors, if you write an article for us in the future, this information will be requested to create an author section at the bottom of the piece to show off the awesome person who wrote it. Trainers, we have a new initiative around training coming in 2020, if you decide to list the training you offer, we'll request this information to promote the training instructor as well as the course. Then in the long term, we plan to provide everyone with an MoT Profile, where you'll be able to show off all your involvement with MoT such as talks done, articles read, club posts, courses you've taken, courses you've created, blog posts and much more. So, you can make noise about your involvement in the worlds biggest testing community.

How This Data is Used


This is your Bio. So, you'll be able to write a brief description of yourself which will appear on content bio's if you created that content or are a guest on a podcast or webinar.

Job Title

Your job title is displayed when you are a speaker at an event, and eventually on content bio's if you created that content or are a guest on a podcast or webinar.

City & Country

With so much going on at MoT now, we want to get better as letting you know about things that are relevant to you. Your location plays a big part in that, so knowing it will help us target you better with events closer to you.

Website URL

Your website will appear alongside your Bio on the content you've created or are featured in. Will hopefully lead to people checking out more about you.

Blog Feed

We currently manage all our Testing Blog feed via a separate tool we administer. We hope to make the move to have this managed via the site. This will allow you to update it when your blog URL changes, or wish to remove it.


A large amount of the MoT testing community also utilise Twitter, so, this will allow us to show your Twitter ID next to content you've created or are featured in.

MoT Slack Username

Our Slack channel is very active, and we are exploring ways in which we can integrate The Club with Slack. Also, this may allow a quicker form of communication if we need to talk to you.


Your image will be displayed alongside your talks, and any content you've created or are featured in.

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