Codeless automation tool. Allows anyone and everyone to automate with ease. Not just record and playback!

Similar Tools

An open source Ruby library for automating tests.
SelectorsHub is the Next Gen XPath Plugin & Selectors tool. It supports all kinds of XPath, locators, shadow dom, iframe, svg, dynamic elements, multi selectors generation and xpath error handling. It is a Free community product.
AI-Powered Mind Mapping Experience the art of mind map creation at lightning speed, reignite your imagination with AI-generated ideas and take advantage of an array of AI tools to revolutionize your content production.
I write Playwright browser automation scripts for you.
Cloud test automation framework that enables businesses to maximize their test automation across the complete testing process from an End User´s perspective.
Katalon's AI-augmented platform enables efficient test writing, deeper insights, and enhanced coverage. It achieves faster execution, higher accuracy, and improved test coverage, ensuring high-quality software products.