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15th March 2021
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Our final session of the week was designed specifically for teams! Mark Winteringham revealed a surprise challenge on the final day, giving 2 teams just a few hours to solve it! 

It was fascinating to see how the different teams work together to solve this challenge. You will undoubtedly recognise group dynamics at play. Not only this was an interesting technical challenge, but a great way to observe communication between the teams. How they worked together to resolve those error codes, how they picked the right tool for them and how they all dealt with any confusion encountered along the way.

With so many different people sharing their knowledge we can guarantee there is a different range of approaches, problems, solutions and generally a wealth of information shared. Plus which team will successfully complete the challenge? Check to find out!

Team 1

Trisha Chetani - I am a software tester, automation enthusiast. I have been helping the team to follow testing processes and support that enable teams to deliver high-quality software in DevOps Environment. I'm always enthusiastic to attend Conference meet-ups for professional development as well as I am an active community member. I love the work, but I've begun to think more about the big picture, so I'm looking for opportunities to thrive in a management role.

Emna Ayadi is a passionate software tester and details oriented who loves to analyse root cause, test and collaborate with diverse people and investigate issues. She has four years of experience on international projects in different business domains (mobile, web, desktop testing and also automotive testing). She appreciates delivering workshops about testing for her team and to the local "Sfax Testing" community to make them aware of different trends in software testing and Ministry of Testing meetup organizer in Sfax. Outside of work, travel and sport are her favourite pastimes, adding extra qualities to her profile.

Moaz Adel - Testing geek, passionate about learning new technologies and testing areas, gamer, and otaku.

Team 2

Stephen Boyle - I’m a new QA Engineer with a start-up, having recently graduated from a Software Developer Bootcamp. I have never tested before but I’ve been tasked with learning how to test from scratch, come up with a plan to test the app end-to-end and to teach the developers the best way to test.

Rashmi Mohapatra - I am an Automation tester from the very start of my career. Gradually i learnt the importance of analysis and collaborating with different roles. I contributed in Java, selenium, jS, automation and recently learning regarding cloud foundry.

Sandeep Singh Thukral - I am a Software Professional with two decades of experience in the industry. I have worked as a Software Tester, Developer and a Business Analyst in India and in The Netherlands. I have worked at small startups as well as large organizations like IBM and Adobe. For the past five years, I have been creating automated tests in Java, Python and now JavaScript. I love writing clean, maintainable and readable code and learn new tools and methodologies. These days I am focusing on collaborating with developers to introduce and extend testing lower in the testing pyramid, promote Shift Left and also production monitoring.

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