Digging In: Getting Familiar with Code to be a Better Tester - Hilary Weaver-Robb

12th January 2023
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Hilary Weaver

Sr. Quality Engineer

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Talk Description
Maybe you’ve been testing the same application for a while, and your rate of finding new bugs has slowed. Or you’re trying to find more ways to figure out what your devs are doing day to day. You have the tools at your disposal, you just need to dig in!
In this talk, Hilary Weaver-Robb shares tools and techniques you can use to take your testing to the next level. See everything the developers are changing, and learn to find the most vulnerable parts of the code. These tools and techniques can help you focus your testing, and track down those pesky bugs!
  • Tools to do static analysis on the code
  • Using those tools to find potential bugs
  • Using commit logs to figure out what’s being changed
  • That it’s helpful to dig into the code of the application under test
Hilary Weaver-Robb, also known as g33klady on the Internets. A Software Quality Architect in Detroit, tweets a lot (@g33klady), and swears a lot, too. Passionate about developer/tester relationships, immersed in testing REST services, and speak about those topics at various conferences and user groups. Started Motor City Software Testers in Detroit because Hillary felt that we need to build a testers community in the area. Bringing the passion of testing to the Motor City!
Hilary Weaver's profile'

Hilary Weaver

Sr. Quality Engineer

Hilary Weaver is a Sr. Quality Engineer near Detroit. She is a mentor to her fellow testers, makes friends with developers, and focuses a lot on API testing, and diving into the code as a tester. Hilary has always been passionate about improving the relationships between developers and testers, and evangelizes software testing as a rewarding, viable career. She runs the Motor City Software Testers user group, working to build a community of quality advocates. Hilary tweets (a lot) as @g33klady, and you can find her thoughts and experiences in the testing world, at g33klady.com.
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