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My Product: My Friend , My Teacher, My Guide - Anastasia Chicu

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Talk Description

"How my product knowledge aids my testing"

In agile teams, we focus on delivering value to our customers continuously and incrementally. In order to do that, testers need to be able to decide on priorities based on risk and impact. What’s the best way to do that? I think it’s about effectively employing our product knowledge to support the team in all test-related activities. Most of us gather product knowledge by testing and re-testing or asking questions in grooming and plannings. So testing activities are what makes most of us product specialists.

  • How do we discover more about the product's dark sides? Should the architecture of the product guide our testing?
  • What can we learn about the product from a pull request?
  • Since these product insights are at the core of our decisions, can we be more effective at gathering and employing them?

This talk is about applying a set of learning models (e.g. David Kolb's model) to discover the feature and technical sides of a software product.

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