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MoT Sarajevo's First Meetup

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Mirza Sisic

Testing Consultant

Talk Description

First MoT Sarajevo meetup brings you three amazing speakers:

Larry Goddard, Automation Architect at Oxford University Press, Speaker and Creator of klassi-js, a debuggable BDD JavaScript test automation framework - "How I created an automation testing framework"

Maaret Pyhäjärvi, Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala, Speaker, and Exploratory Testing Guru - "How to Get Better at Exploratory Testing"

Conor Fitzgerald, Head of Testing at Poppulo, Quality Advocate, Speaker, and MoT Cork Meetup Organizer - "As testers, do we do more harm than good?"

Mirza Sisic's profile'

Mirza Sisic

Testing Consultant

About Speaker

Mirza has always been a technology geek, helping friends and family with computer-related issues. Started originally in tech support and moved to software testing and has been there since. Worked as a freelance web developer for a while as well. A casual RPG gamer and a Sci-fi fan. When he’s not sharing memes online Mirza is usually learning new things, taking part in the testing community, or writing posts for his blog.

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