AI in Software Testing: Benefits and Challenges

23rd February 2024
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Talk Description

In this talk, Amar talked about the potential benefits of using AI in testing, common challenges, and downsides of relying on AI too much.

Amar discusses the time-saving advantages of using AI tools like GPT-3 for generating test cases and emphasizes the increased effectiveness and accuracy achieved by leveraging AI-powered systems. The talk also touches upon the concept of AI-driven testing and its cost-effectiveness, but Amar highlights the importance of human oversight due to biases, ethical considerations, and potential AI hallucinations. Overall, the session provides insights into the practical implications of integrating AI into software testing workflows.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the time-saving benefits of using AI, such as GPT-3, in software testing for generating test cases and improving efficiency.
  • Gain insights into the challenges and considerations, including biases, ethical concerns, and AI hallucinations, associated with incorporating AI-driven testing into software testing processes.
Amar Redzepagic's profile'

Amar Redzepagic

QA Manager

QA Manager at Shopcircle & HulkApps
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