StreamYard with Animesh Pathak

7th June 2024
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Animesh Pathak

DevRel Engineer @Keploy

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Talk Description

In this short talk, Animesh explains how StreamYard supports content creators by enabling seamless live streaming and recording across multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

He highlights its features such as screen sharing, integrated chat moderation, customizable layouts, and easy event scheduling. 

StreamYard simplifies content creation by providing a comprehensive suite of tools for managing streams and interactions, making it a convenient alternative to other streaming software like OBS and Zoom.

Animesh Pathak's profile'

Animesh Pathak

DevRel Engineer @Keploy

Animesh is a Developer Relations Engineer at Keploy and an avid tech community and hackathon enthusiast. Having worked with various technologies such as NodeJS, Microsoft Azure, etc., he has spent the last 2 years empowering tech communities and is currently active as a Gold MLSA, Postman Student Leader and Twilio Field Operator. He has keen interest in cloud security and software testing and is responsible for managing and technically driving engagements across APAC. Animesh's technical skill set is predominantly revolves around cloud security, with a focus on Azure, Docker, containers and various CI/CD tools.
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