The MoTrix - Leading Communities of Practice with Drew Pontikis

12th January 2023
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Drew Pontikis

Head of Social Learning

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Talk Description
Inside every department of every company, there is a Community of Practice just sitting there; waiting to find itself. They may exist for you already – you might call them Guilds, Tribes, Gatherings or Roundups – anywhere that a group of people with shared ideas and interests can come together and grow together has the potential to become a successful Community of Practice.
And communities need leaders.
Drew would like to share with you his experiences of trying, failing, and trying again to help build successful communities, the difference they can make to your test team, the ever changing role of the leader, and discuss the importance of balancing passion and leadership to ensure others get the chance to grow.
Drew Pontikis's profile'

Drew Pontikis

Head of Social Learning

My name is Drew, and I help communities succeed. I currently work in Manchester for PwC as Head of Social Learning, and lead our Communities of Practice Enablement team. Although my background has been in various software testing, test management and quality leadership positions, I've been lucky enough to spend the past few years of my career working with a wide variety of different types of communities of practice in different tech spaces and domains. My passions are people, social learning and wellbeing. My background is mainly in software testing, quality leadership and - briefly and unsuccessfully - as a food critic.
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