The MoTrix Revolutions: Filling your self care backpack with Gem Hill

12th January 2023
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Talk Description
 Self care is important for everyone - we all need to look after our mind as much as we need to look after our body. How do you figure out what self care means for you? How do you build up self care routines and strategies for both long term self care and in the moment use?
 I've spent a lot of time building and iterating on my own self care backpack and I'd like to share some of the techniques and tools I use to help me figure out what I need to do to keep my mental health on an even keel. I'll be doing a talk (modified to reflect the current situation), with tips about adjusting your routine as needed, and I'll also be sharing resources and where to find help.
 A little about Gem Hill:
Gem Hill is passionate about self care and mental health, and is developing resources and exercises to help people come up with self care strategies at SelfCare Backpack/@carebackpack . She can be found on twitter @Gem_hill. She drinks a lot of tea, reads a lot of comics, and loves to bake.
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Gem Hill

Hi, I'm Gem. I'm a ex-tester (though always a tester in my heart), and founder of SelfCare Backpack. I help people, especially those in tech, with their self care and mental health. I'm a trainee therapist, and offer talks and workshops all around building up a little toolbox (or backpack) or self care for when you need it.
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