Unit Testing and TDD from the tester perspective - Alex Schladebeck

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Talk Description

For many years of my testing career, I was aware of Unit Testing and TDD – but it was definitely filed under “developers do that and it’s not really any of my business”.

As I’ve become more of a proponent of whole team quality and comb shaping – and gained more experience of projects, my opinion has changed. I now think that testers can and should talk to developers about unit tests, and can definitely be good pairing partners for writing unit tests.

Obviously, for many of us, that involves a lot of learning and probably stepping out of our comfort zone (again!) in terms of technological knowledge and also team dynamics. In this talk I’d like to take you on the journey that I made:

  •  What changed my mind.
  •  How I learned more about unit testing and TDD.
  •  Including the example that finally clicked for me!
  •  How I encouraged others to learn more.
  •  What experiences I’ve gathered and seen in projects since making these steps.


About the Speaker

Alex Schladebeck is a passionate tester and a consultant for quality and agility. She is head of quality and a CEO at BREDEX GmbH.

She spends her time communicating with people! A typical week involves working with customers, teaching and coaching testers and developers about quality, being an agile leader, working on strategy and developing her team to fulfil their potential.

Alex is a frequent speaker and keynote speaker at conferences about agility and quality from her experiences in projects. In 2018 she was awarded the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Person award.

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