Ask Me Anything: Artificial Intelligence in Testing

15th December 2023
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Carlos Kidman

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Talk Description

During this Ask Me Anything session, Carlos Kidman answers questions from the audience about AI in Testing.

Here's what Carlos has to say about his experience in AI in Testing:

My journey into Machine Learning (AI) started 5 years ago as I wanted to learn about ML and use it to solve challenges that traditional programming could not. I was able to actually apply ML at Workfront Adobe on some of our projects that were data and automation intensive! I was doing things with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision).

I was an Engineering Manager at Adobe leading Platform Engineering initiatives. Then I was approached by to become their Director of Engineering to build a quality and testing platform! We literally use AI for Testing 😄

I've been there for 2 years now through all of R&D and now delivering tools for devs and testers. I have spoken at conferences about AI in Testing and how to test AI systems for the past 3 years and even have a course on TAU about it!

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Test for biases in AI systems, particularly in the context of sentiment analysis
  • Use observability techniques to assess user confidence in AI-powered software
  • Discover the future role of testers in AI
  • Effectively use of machine learning tools in testing
  • Understand AI's role in usability and accessibility testing
  • Consider ethics in AI testing
Carlos Kidman's profile'

Carlos Kidman

Carlos Kidman is the QA Manager at, but who would have thought that Magic the Gathering would introduce him to QA in the first place? Now it’s an integral part of his life. He started in QA Engineering, but quickly moved into Test Automation and grew to appreciate each player and role in the development game. He wants to share the love and joy he’s found with QA and believes that a rising tide raises all ships. Carlos specializes in creating Test Automation Frameworks for UI, Integration, and Service tests, scaling tests and empowering developers and testers with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, and works closely with Infrastructure and DevOps organizations.

Although he is currently a QA Manager at, he is also very active in the community. He is the founder of QA at the Point and QA Utah and is also a board member of DevOpsDays.

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