The Tester’s Survival Guide to Joining a Continuous Delivery Project

13th January 2023
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Amy Phillips

Engineering Manager

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Talk Description
As more and more teams switch to using a Continuous Delivery approach to building and releasing software your chances of ending up testing on one increases.
Joining a Continuous Delivery project can be daunting. People talk about Walking Skeletons and Dark Launches, the pace is fast, and worst of all, the developers don’t even ask permission before releasing!
This survival guide will set you up for your first day on any Continuous Delivery project. You’ll be equipped to avoid the pitfalls and spot the opportunities. You’ll know the answers to those dumb questions before you’ve even asked them, and best of all you’ll see how testing is essential for successful Continuous Delivery.
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Amy Phillips 's profile'

Amy Phillips

Engineering Manager

Amy Phillips is an experienced Engineering Manager with a love of Continuous Delivery. She enjoys helping teams to do awesome things. Previously Amy spent over 10 years as a software tester for a variety of companies including The Guardian and Yahoo! Starting out it was all about Master Test Plans and Requirements Traceability Matrices. Agile brought user stories, sprints, and cross functional teams. Finally Continuous Delivery blew away any belief that testing should exist separately from development.
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