Test Data Generation in Postman

13th January 2023
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Talk Description

Postman is an API Testing Platform that has been expanding its capabilities over the years, adding more functionality within the tool to support API Development and Testing. What is planned for this presentation is showcasing the ability to use Postman for functionality that they have identified in the past as something they do not support, but have the tools that can make this possible.

Test Data Generation has always been a thorn in the side of Testing as (in most cases) when this is needed, the only solution is to get a refresh from Production (which is not always possible). While attempting to locate a solution for this, it was found that even though Postman does not support being used as a Test Data Generator, it is most definitely built in a way that it can support it, with a bit of creativity. With having a bit of knowledge of the foundation of Postman, and knowledge of the basics of JavaScript and JSON, it was found that this can be created and applied in a short amount of time.

This took the initial feedback and testing of a previous project from taking hours or days, to providing the initial feedback within 30 minutes of the change being deployed. Also, a neat side effect of this was the fact that this can be used beyond just the capacity of testing (Development, Testing, demos, Client Setup, and more).

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • How to Setup a Collection to support being used for Test Data Generation
  • How to use the mini Javascript Pre and Post Scripting to navigate the Collection in Postman
  • How to Setup JSON so that it can be utilized by a Collection in Postman and create large sample sets of data scenarios
Nick Relkov's profile'

Nick Relkov

Senior IT Consultant

Oh, Hi There! I have traversed many organization across the vast landscape of Calgary, testing as I go. For what feels like many years now I have done everything from manual testing to test automation to test data generation to leading testing teams to speaking for and mentoring QA, and a bit of DevOps. Worked on small and medium sized projects for start ups and small businesses, massive projects for oil and gas companies and some wild adventure projects at a not-for-profit organization. And if you managed to make it that far in this story without falling asleep, I am what they call strange in the world of QA. How strange? I am an Introvert but will talk extensively about almost anything and everything (yes, even work related on occasion), but I will need a nap eventually. I am known for turning Test Summaries into monologues that prove to all that insanity is part of what makes a great QA. I believe in no dumb questions, if we are not all in here helping each other out, what are we even doing. I believe Mental Health to be of great important, being part of a team means helping each other out on best and worst days. And lastly, I am an advocate for QA, but its not just about the quality of the product but the quality of the user experience with that product.
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