“Worst” Practices of Software Testing - Viktor Slavchev

13th January 2023
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Talk Description

The testing troll is a mythical creature, you probably heard about it in the last year's edition of QA challenge accepted, he’s like the unicorn of software testing, besides the fact he has nothing to do with a unicorn.

What is important about him is - he’s not really nice, he hates clichés and he doesn’t follow best practices in testing. He offers alternatives in these “best practices“ and because they are the total opposite of what everyone is talking about, he calls them worst practices. In fact, he was so committed to his idea of worst practices in software testing that he wrote a book about them. Here how it looks like:

Worst Practices in Software Testing

My job will be to present to you the gathered knowledge of the testing troll in the following topics:
How not to:

  • Use requirements to direct testing
  • Do regression testing
  • Automate testing to reduce costs
  • Assure quality
  • Believe in best practices


What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • TBA
Viktor's profile'


My profession is software testing and by that I don’t mean mindless clicking on UI elements, nor comparing result to predefined expected states. When I talk about testing or perform testing or teach testing I always think of it as a scientific activity, process of evaluation of quality, exploration, of questioning, modeling, experimentation, risk assessment and gathering of information in general. In other words, I take software testing very, very seriously!

I come from a non-technical background - linguistics and I am very happy about it, since it provides me with a unique perspective and a lot of diverse experience which is always something that is beneficial in software testing.

In my previous experience as a software tester I was involved in many different projects related to mobile testing, testing of software products in the telco area, integration testing, test automation (even though I prefer the term “tool assisted testing”). In general I am interested not only in the technical, but also in the scientific part of testing and its relation to other sciences like epistemology, system thinking, logic, problem solving, psychology and sociology. I am currently also a part-time lecturer in software testing academy called Pragmatic, on topics related to exploratory testing, mobile testing and non-functional testing.

In my free time I like reading books, playing MMORPG games and practicing Japanese martial arts.

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