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Be Influential. Be Glue! - Helen Liu

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Helen Liu

Senior QA Analyst

Talk Description

In the current job market, the most desired people are not managers, engineers, or even testers. They are Glue people!

Do you know what it means to be Glue? 

The definition of glue is described as “a strong adhesive substance that causes things to stick and hold things together.”

There are people who do the tasks that can go unnoticed, sometimes these are the things that pull the teams together which help the project to succeed. Their attitude and actions are always determined by what is best for the team and their teammates.

Every organisation wants Glue people and every employee wants to work with one.

In this presentation, I will share how you can apply Glue work in your Testing career and how you can successfully impact your teams. Come and discover the art of Glue, and apply it in your professional life!

What you’ll learn
  • What is being Glue
  • Understand the importance of Glue work
  • Ability to recognise opportunities for Glue work
  • Improve your organisation by being Glue
Helen Liu's profile'

Helen Liu

Senior QA Analyst

About Speaker

Helen Liu is a passionate quality professional who loves collaborating with peers, testing and seeking for better ways of working. She is working with the quality assistance model, where developers are responsible for testing their own work with assistance and guidance from testers. She strongly believes that building quality product requires a whole team approach.

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