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ADHD and Me: How Neurodivergence Boosts My Testing

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Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator/Associate QA Analyst

Talk Description
Hi there - *wave* - I’m neurodivergent! That means my brain works in, let’s just say…interesting ways…compared to what some people would call baseline or average. Don’t get me started on how weird the idea of NORMAL is…we’ll be here all day.

Brains are weird, neat, squishy things. Mine has been diagnosed with conditions like ADHD, anxiety, and depression, with a list of common behaviors that hold hands with them. To some people, this might sound like terrible news. But, I have a different take on my particular collection of mental conditions. To me, they’re my Super Powers!

When looking at the challenges that we face as testers, I want to present you with some examples of how neurodivergence can be harnessed to work for you - instead of against you. Come listen to these stories of how these super powers help boost my curiosity, empathy, and effectiveness. You may just learn something about your own brain along  the way.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • ADHD inspires in me a curiosity to dig below the surface
  • Anxiety helps me to empathize with user experience
  • Depression/manic cycles train me to use my energy wisely, at the right time
Karen Tests Stuff's profile'

Karen Tests Stuff

Content Creator/Associate QA Analyst

About Speaker

Hello, world! I fell in love with software testing in December 2020, and never looked back. I am passionate about advocacy in the software testing world, for people and the craft. I want to bring people together and educate them about opportunities to support and build with one another. Let's do this thing, together!

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