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Tooling for Automated Testing with Butch Mayhew

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Butch Mayhew

Head of Quality and Reliability

Talk Description

Come and hear about my team's Ruby Test Automation Framework (RTAF). Over the past 6 years, we've been investing in test automation across our different products. We have identified patterns and built up a framework full of useful libraries to help our engineers write, maintain, and report.

I'll be giving an overview of our framework zooming in on our automated API checks, discussing the tools we've built that can easily be implemented in other languages and frameworks.

What you’ll learn
  • Know why we chose Ruby and continue to choose Ruby in the Javascript era.
  • Do a walk-through of how we measure coverage for our automated REST API checks.
  • Do a drive-by of the other tools we've built within our framework (API Assertion Builder, V scripts, gitlab-ci.yml, console output)
Butch Mayhew's profile'

Butch Mayhew

Head of Quality and Reliability

About Speaker

Butch Mayhew is the Head of Quality and Reliability at Tilled, who loves finding more efficient ways to complete tasks. This played out in two major areas within his organization; test strategies that focus on deep exploratory feature testing, and creating test automation frameworks that have identified over 150 defects in his test environments. While he isn't busy automating the next boring task, you can find him at the disc golf course during the day or streaming video games for his kids to watch at night!

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