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Bing! Goes a Brain Wave (Heuristics and Mnemonics for Mobile Apps)

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Suman Bala

Test Architect

Talk Description

We have been using heuristics and mnemonics (knowingly or unknowingly) since our childhood. In software testing, heuristics and mnemonics are used to design and select the tests. Heuristics are highly valuable for a particular context, especially if people use them wisely. While testing, we can use these techniques to remember important elements. There are loads of heuristics in software testing and it can be a bit difficult to identify which one to use.

However, you can start reflecting on it by answering the following questions:

  • What things do you consider when starting to test a new application?
  • What are your actions during and after each testing session?

Are you curious about how can we use these in mobile application testing? In this workshop, we’ll learn about various heuristics and mnemonics and how can we use them to generate test ideas for the mobile app.

What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Understand what is heuristics and mnemonics?
  • Identify various heuristics and mnemonics available for mobile apps testing?
  • How to apply them to generate test ideas?
Suman Bala's profile'

Suman Bala

Test Architect

About Speaker

Suman Bala is a Test Architect with a passion for improvement in quality processes and is a strong believer in Test Automation. She feels proud of how people’s perspective has changed regarding testing throughout her career. She is striving to instil the idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility as opposed to merely laying it at the feet of QA. She is a co-organiser for the Ministry of Testing Bucks meet-up. She is a mentor and coach at work and within the wider testing community. She is co-designing and delivering the “Software Testing Bootcamp” sponsored by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

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