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Lessons Learnt Moving to Microservices - Simon Dobson

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I would like to talk and share my experiences about testing microservices. Why I like it, why it scares me, where we went wrong and things we have done as a team which I am proud of. I feel there is a big change happening for a lot of software companies, to turn their big monolithic application into a bunch of smaller services which are easier to manage.

I am not the most technical of testers and this change in my team felt a bit daunting to me, however, I felt like I learnt a huge amount in this time and I would like to share my experiences. I would like to talk about how it helps you understand the internet and how web applications work (especially the one you are testing!), how it can improve your coding skills (by adapting new methods that require more coding, such as service level testing and mock servers) and how everyone involved (Devs, QA, Users etc..) can benefit from microservices (and sometimes suffer!).

  • Basic principles of having a microservices architecture (pros and cons)
  • Basic principles of the testing pyramid and how this can be applied
  • Testing techniques that will help in a microservices architecture
  • Things to avoid and things to remember when testing microservices
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