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Behavior-Driven Development has become a popular methodology for putting quality first in software development. However, it is a polarizing process: people love it or hate it. Process changes can be tough for a team, too. Are there beneficial aspects of BDD that can easily be incorporated into existing processes? Will they help my team instead of waste our time? Absolutely yes!
Users ultimately care about software behaviors, and so should we. In this talk, we will cover three quality-centric, behavior-driven practices that can help any team develop better software:
  1. Problems with miscommunication? Three Amigos Collaboration
  2. Problems with poor planning? Example Mapping
  3. Problems with missed deadlines? Snowball Test Automation
These practices are meant to be a pragmatic approach to BDD, with an emphasis on philosophy before process. They can help any team, even those not doing pure BDD.

  • To understand the purpose and goals of BDD
  • To learn three helpful practices that can help any team: 
    • Three Amigos collaboration to solve communication problems
    • Example Mapping to solve poor planning problems
    • Snowball Test Automation to solve missed deadline problems
  • To adopt a pragmatic view of software development and testing processes
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Andrew Knight

About Speaker

Andy Knight is the “Automation Panda” - an engineer, consultant, and international speaker who loves all things software. He specializes in building robust test automation solutions from the ground up. He currently works at PrecisionLender in Cary, NC. Read his tech blog at, and follow him on Twitter at @AutomationPanda.

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