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How to Be an Outstanding Leader – Selena Delesie

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Like many new leaders, I was promoted for being great at my job, without being trained in how to be a stellar leader. Those skills are different. At first I learned from what I observed in leaders around me. While I loved working with people and treating them like the beautiful genius they are, that’s not exactly how I started off as a leader. I will share stories that highlight the principles and practices that helped me go from ho-hum leader to leading testing departments of outstanding performers year-after-year. I’ll tell you what really matters, so you can go out and be the beautiful-test leader you can be.

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Selena Delesie helps leaders achieve big visions with soul! She is a visionary international speaker and trainer who inspires leaders to get lit up from within, radiate positive energy and empower everyone around them to step into their greatness. As a successful corporate manager, consultant and coach Selena has years of experience in the technology, financial, Agile, software development and testing sectors. She understands the competing pressures to succeed in business while doing right for employees, customers, and community. Selena shows leaders, managers, executives and business owners how to break free from traditional business practices and engage the strengths and passions of the team to produce a highly creative, productive and vibrant workforce. Learn more at

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