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Talk Description

Join Kim Nepata, Bedford West and Caleb Crandall as they discuss 'The Future of Test Cases'. They discussed the following questions:

  • What's the first thought that comes to your mind when you are thinking about the future of test cases?
  • How would you go about convincing a CTO that your team can get by without test cases?
  • What processes do you suggest to use other than test cases?
  • If you're not using test cases how are you tracking your test activities? Followup, how do you know when you are done testing?
  • How do you manage test coverage without test cases?
  • Test cases contain step-by-step of how to get the feature to even work. Where does that info go instead of a test case?
  • Is there an FAQ to give to those that have concerns about moving away from test cases?
  • What do you think is a good split between writing and the activity of test cases? I find there are many times where it takes double the time writing than doing.
  • One pro and one con of test cases?
  • Our test cases grow rapidly when new features come in. How can we manage those sets of cases. How does your team manage this?
  • How do you handle regression testing with or without test cases?
  • Is it fair to say that Acceptance Criteria si the substitute of test cases?
  • How does your team transition from using test cases to this new process, it might be big change in their testing process for some
What you’ll learn

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Kim Nepata's profile'

Kim Nepata

Senior Business Analysis

Kim has a diverse background professionally and has been working as a test resource within a number of different development teams in Brisbane, Australia. She is currently working within the finance sector in a multidisciplinary role that supports her E2E involvement from stakeholder requirements through to user testing. She enjoys the science behind cooking, riding her RE 650 Conti and talking to curious minded tech peeps.
Bedford West's profile'

Bedford West

Head of Test Engineering

Bedford has been in software engineering and quality assurance since he started my professional career in 2008. He is currently the Head of Test Engineering at M1 Finance, a personal finance platform dedicated to helping people manage and grow their money. In his spare time, he dabbles in game development, experiments with one-off hobby development projects, and follows game jams. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are huge motivators for him, and he does his best to bring those into everything he does.
Caleb Crandall's profile'

Caleb Crandall

Senior Software Engineer in Test

Caleb is a Software Engineer in Test and Scrum Master at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. He earned his group's "Certified Biomek Engineer" badge of honor while still an intern (i.e. causing an epic hardware crash) and has been hooked on testing ever since. Caleb has been helping develop and test medical and research devices for over 11 years, and is now focused on improving and streamlining testing efforts at every stage of the design, development, and release process. He enjoys getting his hands dirty running hardware out in the development lab, and still keeps a pile of broken hardware "trophies" on his desk.
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