Ask Me Anything about Building a Test Automation Framework

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Ivan Karaman

Principal Quality Assistance Engineer

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Talk Description
Vernon Richards invited Ivan Karaman, who joined us from Auckland, New Zealand to answer great questions around the topics he covered at TestBash UK 2023: How to build and automation framework.

Ivan also delivered the talk Building Test Automation Framework from Scratch: The Essential Things where he provided practical advice for anyone looking to create a test automation framework from scratch, he looked at at Cypress and JavaScript examples, but the advice would apply to any test framework, language, or cloud hosting provider.

Supporting the talk, Ivan also developed a 99 Minute Workshop titled Designing Test Automation Pipeline and the Activity Discovering "Code Smells".
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Learn how to get unstuck and be successful
  • Understand that it is not as hard as it looks
  • An understanding that a well-designed test automation framework directly impacts maintainability
  • List of important technical things to consider (and “not that important” ones)
Ivan Karaman's profile'

Ivan Karaman

Principal Quality Assistance Engineer

Principal QAE during the day, content creator at night. Old, have been doing testing since 2006. Opinions are my own and not always correct ;) If you want to learn more about "how I think", check out my YouTube channel "Ivan and code"!
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