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Jitesh Gosai

Principal Tester

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Talk Description
Gwen Diagram was joined by the fantastic Jitesh Gosai, from Manchester, who has over 19 years of testing experience and is currently a Principal Tester at the BBC. Jitesh dived deeper into his main question: Speed vs Quality: can we have both?

During his talk Speed vs Quality: Can You Have Both? Jitesh covered the trap of working harder, which leads to a choice between speed or quality and the virtuous cycle of working smarter, which leads to both speed and quality.

Jitesh also created and delivered the great 99 Minute Workshop titled The Five Behaviours of Team Working as well as the Activity: Model Your Team's Ways of Working, which you now also have access to.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • How to use the DORA key metrics to create a shared understanding of speed and quality
  • How to identify bottlenecks to speed and quality using the Theory of Constraints
  • Core skills to enable practical experimentation in teams
Jitesh Gosai's profile'

Jitesh Gosai

Principal Tester

Jitesh Gosai has over 19 years of testing experience, working with various companies enabling them to build, test and automate at scale. He is currently a principal tester at the BBC in the iPlayer & Sounds department, working with Mobile, TV, Web and Smart speaker teams. His core aim is to create a Culture of Quality by helping teams build quality into their products. In his free time, he likes to speak about his experiences at conferences all over Europe and blogs regularly at and tweets @jitgo
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