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Testing the Front-end, Back-end, and Everything in Between - Bria Grangard

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Bria Grangard

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It’s important to remember that there are two parts of an application—the front-end and the back-end. And it’s important to test them BOTH. Testers are always looking to gain confidence in their latest releases while also saving resources to do so. Wondering how this is possible when you need to test every component of the application and all of their interactions? Let’s talk! Both the front-end and back-end of applications are often discussed independently with regards to their importance, however, in order to guarantee the success of an application, you must test both. Bria Grangard discusses how to successfully implement a strategy for testing both the UI and API sides of your application. Learn how you can reuse work you’ve already completed, effectively test the critical components of your application, and save time, money, and effort.

Attendees walk away with an end-to-end testing strategy for success and best practices for maximizing test coverage to share with their team.

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Bria Grangard's profile'

Bria Grangard

About Speaker

Bria Grangard is a subject matter expert in the software testing field. She manages SmartBear Software’s testing products which include award winning automated testing tool, CrossBrowserTesting, TestComplete and QAComplete test management. A popular speaker on topics such as accelerating your attest automation, and best practices for managing test cases, Bria loves to speak to testers in all industries with all software development styles, educating them on ways they can speed up their release cycle without compromising the quality of their applications. She has earned three degrees from Dartmouth College, including two bachelor degrees in engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management.

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