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Wim Selles

Sr. Solutions Architect

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Talk Description

In the last few months, when I helped a lot of people in different automation communities, I saw a lot of people overestimating the "ease" of using Appium with native apps. It seemed that most of them thought that they could use their Selenium and HTML knowledge to automate their native app, but in almost all the cases they found out they made the wrong assumption.

In this talk I'll discuss some key differences between using Selenium and Appium when automating a hybrid and or native app. We'll dive into some most common made assumptions by exploring the differences with a native app. I'll give examples and tips on how to deal with those differences and to prevent the assumptions in the future.


Gather more knowledge about the differences between web and native apps by

  • exploring the differences in the DOM, for web, and the UI-hierarchy for native apps (iOS and Android)
  • determining the best locator strategy for automating native apps
  • discussig some usefull ways to use for example:
    • crossplatform gestures
    • validating texts
    • and much more
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

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Wim Selles's profile'

Wim Selles

Sr. Solutions Architect

Wim Selles is a Solutions Architect for Sauce Labs based in the Netherlands. During the day, he assists customers with solving automation challenges in their organisation. By night, he practices his passion for front-end test automation with Javascript. He likes to create his own Node.JS modules to help and support automation engineers and is also a contributor to multiple open source projects that involve testing, such as WebdriverIO, Protractor, ng-Apimock and many more. Wim also has extensive experience using Appium for automating Hybrid and (React) Native Apps. He enjoys sharing his automation experience as a speaker at conferences like AppiumConf in London and SeleniunConf India, on his blog and during meetups and webinars.
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