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Test Management Evolution: Collaboration and the End of QA Friction

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Tony Grabs's profile
Tony Grabs

Senior Solution Expert

Talk Description
Different QA teams and Devs across the SDLC industry have been separated for long enough. Siloed and using different tools and channels, they end up burning time and energy to align. It’s time to stop onboarding your QA talent as if you’re taking them to the zoo.

Tony from TestGear will show you how you can bring together the whole team with transparency, collaboration, and engagement.

Reach QA synergy with a tool that provides you with unmatched flexibility and clarity, and empower your team for better, faster releases.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Why transparency is key in QA for SDLC
  • How gamifying your tools can add a layer of motivation and excellence
  • How dissolving QA silos can save 50% of your team's time
  • How to be part of the evolution with TestGear
  • First public launch of our completely new UI with the “Dragonfly” release
Tony Grabs's profile'

Tony Grabs

Senior Solution Expert

About Speaker

Meet Tony. TestGear's very own solutions expert, QA specialist, and product wizard. Specialized in product trainings, he has the ability show you almost any scenario for using the platform. Tony's work also covers market analysis, as well as collecting feedback from users and the QA/QC community, making him a walking goldmine of data and information. Tony is an all-around player, experienced analyst, and business developer with a global vision in mind. His unwavering confidence to find an effective solution to reach goals is based on hard data and quantitative information, which helps founders and C-suits take optimal decisions and rapidly grow businesses worldwide.

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