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How to Test Serverless Cloud Applications - Glenn Buckholz

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Cloud providers are now offering serverless technology, introducing significant changes to how applications are structured and, importantly, tested. The serverless cloud makes certain parts of testing serverless applications opaque. Glenn Buckholz explains the boundaries of each cloud provider’s black box service to expose what can and cannot be tested ahead of time, and what can be evaluated locally and what requires the cloud provider’s platform. Join Glenn as he focuses on answering key testing questions for serverless cloud applications: How and where do I do unit testing? What security testing can I do? How do I implement automated testing? Where do I find my logs/errors? and Can I use CI/CD to speed up my test cycle? Leave with the information you need to create serverless application test plans for AWS Lambda and Azure Functions that allow you to conserve precious, limited testing resources.


  • What exactly is serverless infrastructure.
  • How does it affect testing.
  • Can automated testing be applied to serverless infrastructure?
  • How I as a tester ensure the people architecting serverless take testing into consideration.
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