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99-Second Talks - Test.bash(); 2022

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Talk Description

It's not a TestBash without 99-Second Talks.

At Test.bash()l, our fantastic host Jenna Charlton is joined by community members on the live stage.

99-Second Speakers

If you gave a 99-second talk in this video, please send us your full name and a title for your talk via the chat (bottom right). As we plan to cut the videos up so you can add them to your MoT profiles

What you’ll learn
  • See what inspired Test.bash(); attendees
Richard Bradshaw's profile'

Richard Bradshaw


About Speaker

Richard Bradshaw is an experienced tester, consultant and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training and giving presentation on a variety of topics related to testing. He is a fan of automation that supports testing. With over 10 years testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development. Richard is a very active member of the testing community, and is currently the FriendlyBoss at The Ministry of Testing. Richard blogs at thefriendlytester.co.uk and tweets as @FriendlyTester. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Whiteboard Testing.

Butch Mayhew's profile'

Butch Mayhew

Head of Quality and Reliability

About Speaker

Butch Mayhew is the Head of Quality and Reliability at Tilled, who loves finding more efficient ways to complete tasks. This played out in two major areas within his organization; test strategies that focus on deep exploratory feature testing, and creating test automation frameworks that have identified over 150 defects in his test environments. While he isn't busy automating the next boring task, you can find him at the disc golf course during the day or streaming video games for his kids to watch at night!

Gerard McCann's profile'

Gerard McCann

Software Development Engineer in Testing (SDET)

About Speaker

I live and work in Belfast in the burgeoning Northern Ireland tech industry. I’ve worked in IT for around 15 years, with about 10 of those in software testing. In my current role I perform manual testing and create test automation using Cypress, Postman and K6 to test a new large and relatively complex greenfield website backended with a bunch of APIs and SQL databases. Outside work I love attending meetups and giving back to the testing community in any way I can. I’m also passionate about neurodiversity, intermittent fasting, health and fitness and lifelong learning!

Jen Bauer's profile'

Jen Bauer

QA Engineer

About Speaker

I am a QA Engineer and API testing enthusiast using Postman, with experience in creating automated testing solutions using Newman and Jenkins. I enjoy improving processes and making great, useful documentation for projects and products. I have also been an onboarding educator for new employees. I look forward to sharing my testing experiences with you.

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