Introducing Our New MoT Certifications in Test Automation!

Discover our Test Automation certifications: three tailored courses, one industry-driven curriculum, all at a special introductory price.

Big Changes, Familiar Foundation

We've transformed our comprehensive Learning Journeys into three distinct online certification courses: the MoT Foundation, MoT Intermediate, and MoT Advanced Certificates in Test Automation. And here's an important part: while we've updated the course structure to better suit your learning needs, the curriculum, developed with input from over 150 industry professionals, remains the same. It continues to form the foundation of these courses.

Your New Path to Test Automation Expertise:

  • MoT Foundation Certificate in Test Automation: This entry-level certification is perfect for beginners in test automation. The course covers foundational aspects like understanding what test automation means in software testing, evaluating tool options, and creating initial automated checks.
  • MoT Intermediate Certificate in Test Automation: Designed for professionals vying for senior roles, this course dives deeper into the nuances of test automation. It includes creating and maintaining automated checks, reporting results, and managing testing frameworks.
  • MoT Advanced Certificate in Test Automation
    Tailored for experienced professionals aiming for leadership roles, this course focuses on strategic elements like creating comprehensive automation strategies, planning, and adapting to changing project needs.

By replacing our single Learning Journeys with three distinct certification courses, you can now choose the course that perfectly matches your skill level and career aspirations. Additionally, these changes offer certification at each level so you can showcase your test automation prowess to potential employers.

Three Reasons to Get Certified:

  1. Industry-Aligned Curriculum: Gain the skills and knowledge that are in high demand in the software testing industry. Each course is designed in collaboration with over 150 Test Automation professionals and concludes with a certification that validates your expertise.
  2. Personalised Learning at Your Own Pace: Learn at your own pace, wherever you are, with online certification courses tailored to your skill level and career goals. 
  3. Career Advancement Opportunities: Enhance your resume with valuable certifications that showcase your expertise to potential employers and boost your career prospects.

Start Your Learning Adventure in Test Automation with Us!

These new certification courses are built on a solid, industry-informed curriculum that offers a flexible online format designed to enhance your learning experience and propel your career forward.

Are you ready to elevate your test automation skills with our new and improved courses? 

Enjoy a special introductory price of £349, down from £599, available until January 30th. Don't miss this opportunity – sign up for our Test Automation certification courses today and take the next step in your career!

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A Special Note for Our Current Learning Journey Enrollees

If you've already purchased a Learning Journey with us, we've got great news! In line with our recent updates, your enrollment will be seamlessly transitioned into our three new certification courses: MoT Foundation, MoT Intermediate, and MoT Advanced in Test Automation. Rest assured, the curriculum remains unchanged – you'll continue receiving the high-quality training you signed up for, now with the added advantage of a structured approach. This transition allows you to earn distinct certificates at each level, further enhancing your skillset and career prospects. Watch out for upcoming emails with more details.

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