Reskill, Upskill, Grow: Empowering Quality Engineering Skills

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Talk Description
Join not one not two but three Quality Engineers from Lloyds Banking Group (LBG), as they kick off this amazing testing conference by talking about their professional growth, and the many different paths they've trodden in their squiggly careers so far.

Whether it’s a complete career change, upskilling into a new role or harnessing the software testing community to power your growth, Andrea Dolan-Hughes, Charlotte Gaynor and Beth Marshall will cover different strategies used to support the careers of Quality Engineers at LBG, as well as highlighting some personal tips, tricks and things to consider trying out yourselves.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Learn strategies for improving skills and the development of Quality Engineers
  • Be inspired by stories of very different careers all in the testing space
  • Tried and tested personal tips and tricks for enhancing your own learning journey
Beth Marshall's profile'

Beth Marshall

Senior Quality Engineer

Beth has been testing for the past 15 years, and has recently joined Lloyds Banking Group as Senior Quality Engineer. Based in Leeds, Beth is a proud member of the global software testing community, and a regular blogger. Talk to her about Software Testing Portfolios, API Testing/Postman and supporting Women in Tech!
Charlotte Gaynor's profile'

Charlotte Gaynor

Senior Quality Engineer

I am a Quality Engineer in Lloyds Banking Group. I have worked at LBG for 5 years within the centre of excellence team supporting all QE's across the bank. Most recently working on test automation frameworks in Selenium, Playwright and UFT and helping to create and deliver training. Prior to this I worked for MBNA as a software tester in a delivery role for approx 15 years. I am currently in the 3rd year of a 4 year degree apprencticeship course in Software Engineering at Manchester metropolitan university funded by LBG, which has enabled me to upskill into a more technical role. I am 47 years old, married and I have 2 children aged 18 and 15.
Andrea Dolan's profile'

Andrea Dolan

Quality Engineer

I have been a Quality Engineer at Lloyds Banking Group since February 2023. Before that I worked in mainly retail roles. For many years with Lloyds Banking Group (8 to be exact!) I had been really passionate about expanding my career in Tech within the Group, and in November 2022 I was given that opportunity. Interested in Automation and API testing as part of my continuous development.
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