To Test a Component - Testing UI Components in 2023

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Tally Barak

Software Architect

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Talk Description
UI components are now the building blocks of almost any web software. And testing the cornerstone of good software development. And yet, it seems we do not test our components well enough.
Luckily, we start to get many options, some of which are really exciting for testing components.

In this talk, I will review the different options we have for testing components. We will discuss the required setup for setting up components for testing.
We will go over tips on making tests stable, fast, and reliable. And above all - we will look at the tooling options we have for testing components.
What you’ll learn

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to:

  • Differentiate how homponents testing is different from e2e testing
  • Identify the need to build a testing strategy that includes components testing
  • Recognise that components need to be tested in the browser
Tally Barak's profile'

Tally Barak

Software Architect

Tally has over 30 years of software development, product management, and consulting experience. Today Tally works for Yoobic as an architect responsible for all the Frontend tooling, testing, and DevOps processes. Tally loves Javascript and its ecosystem and is happily sharing this knowledge with other developers. Playwright Ambassador.
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