TestSphere Arena

An Expansion Of TestSphere - The Card Deck That Gets You Thinking and Talking About Software Testing and Quality

TestSphere Arena is a free expansion pack that is compatible with any TestSphere deck and turns your deck into a fast, fun game that's impossible to put down! The expansion pack contains 40 "special action cards" that cause game-changing moments to help you defeat your opponents. These include Skips, Wild, Draw and Reverses.

What Do I Need?

To play TestSphere Arena you will need:

What Are The Rules?


The dealer shuffles all cards together and deals out seven cards to each player, face down, then places the remaining cards face down in the centre as the "Take Pile".  The dealer draws one card and places it next to the Take Pile as the start of the "Discard Pile".

Game Flow:

The person to the left of the dealer will play a card based on the rules in "During your turn". Play will continue clockwise unless a reverse card changes the direction. Cards are played on top of the Discard Pile until a player plays their last remaining card to win the game!

During your turn:

  1. Place a card on top of the Discard Pile:

  • The card must either match colour, i.e. playing a purple card on another purple card
  • The player must explain how the two cards are related: why "techniques: requirements (re)engineering" could be played on top of "patterns: tediousness".
  1. Draw a card

  • If you can’t perform any of the above actions, you have to draw a card from the Take pile.

At the end of your turn, if you have exactly one card in hand say: ‘All tests pass!’ within 5 seconds after playing your card (and potentially finishing your explanation). Failing this, you have to pick two cards from the Take Pile.

The end:

Repeat until the last person has no more cards. This person wins!

Special Action Cards:

Special action cards may only be played on the same colour (except Multicolor Wild cards)

  • Draw 2 or 4: the next player must draw 2 or 4 cards and forfeit their turn.

  • Wild: any type of card can be played next.

  • Skip: play skips over the next person.

  • Reverse: play proceeds in the opposite direction.