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Testing GraphQL APIs using Purescript


If you develop a GraphQL API, this course will help you develop high-quality, automated contract tests for your API

Two Day

Max 25 attendees


api-automation, automation, developer-tools, exploratory-testing, models, test-cases, test-design, testing-tools, test-strategies, unit-testing

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Initialize, build, and run a PureScript starter project using spago
  • Run a PureScript language server that binds to VSCode for quick debugging
  • Write a quicksort algorithm in PureScript
  • Define a typeclass and an instance
  • Use several monads, including Maybe, List, Reader, Writer and Effect
  • Write a property-based test using QuickCheck
  • Create an arbitrary value for a custom data record in QuickCheck
  • Create an use an email generator in QuickCheck
  • Change the random generation of data in QuickCheck
  • Build test reports from QuickCheck
  • Understand the main components of the June 2018 GraphQL stadard
  • Validate a GraphQL spec, query, mutation and subscription using purescript-graphql-validator
  • Generate a simple GraphQL query using Quickcheck and purescript-graphql-parser
  • Generate a GraphQL query for a real GraphQL API (SWAPI) using Quickcheck and purescript-graphql-parser
  • Deploy PureScript-based tests and a system under test (SWAPI) to GitHub Workflows
  • Run PureScript-based tests in GitHub Workflows


As more and more teams move to GraphQL from REST and SOAP, they face a new series of challenges in testing their GraphQL APIs.  This course will help you write high-quality, automated acceptance tests for your resolvers in Purescript. Purescript is a strongly-typed, functional language with a best-in-class property-based testing library called QuickCheck.  We will use QuickCheck to develop automated tests for your API that can be run on a CI/CD server and maintained with minimal fuss by a wide group of stakeholders.

The course will be broken up like this:
  • Day 1. Morning 1: Introduction to PureScript
  • Day 1. Morning 2: Introduction to QuickCheck
  • Day 1. Afternoon 1: Introduction to the June 2018 GraphQL spec.
  • Day 1. Afternoon 2: Validating GraphQL queries and responses using purescript-graphql-validator.
  • Day 2. Morning 1: Generating GraphQL from a spec using QuickCheck (part 1).
  • Day 2. Morning 2: Generating GraphQL from a spec using QuickCheck (part 2).
  • Day 2. Afternoon 1: Testing a GraphQL server locally.
  • Day 2. Afternoon 2: Testing a GraphQL server in a CI/CD pipeline.

By the end of the course, you will be able to set up a CI/CD pipeline with automatic acceptance tests for your resolvers.

The course is BYOGQLS (Bring-your-own-graphql-server), although if you don't have one, you can fork the Meeshkan Bank. Also, for CI/CD, we will be using GitHub Actions, although those following along can use their CI/CD of choice and I'll try to adapt.

Meet the Instructor

Mike Solomon

Mike Solomon


I'm the founder of Meeshkan, a smöl company that helps devs and QA engineers test GraphQL and REST APIs.

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