30 Days of Automation in Testing

30 Days of Automation in Testing

30 Days of Automation in Testing Challenge... let's do this!

Our famous 30 Days of Testing Challenge is back! 

The theme this time is Automation in Testing and this challenge has been kindly sponsored by SmartBear... thank you!

These challenges are a great way to learn on your own, as a team effort or join in online with the wonderful Ministry of Testing community.

Below is a list of 30 challenges (plus a bonus challenge!), one for each day of the month. Download the PDF below. Save it somewhere. Print it out. Stick it on your wall. Let’s do this!

What are the rules?

The goal is to tick off as many of the challenges as you can. You can do this in your own timeframe, or you can join us in our joint community effort throughout the month of July. We will be encouraging the community to share their progress on this challenge from the 1st of July 2018. 

You may have an image to share, a blog post, a video, status update... whatever it is, come and participate!

Here is how you can participate and share your progress:


30 Days of Test Automation, the text version

  1. Look up some definitions for  ĽAutomation ľ, compare them against definitions for  ĽTest Automation ľ.¬†
  2. Begin reading an automation related book and share something you ľve learnt by day 30.¬†
  3. Explore the automation thread on The Club and contribute to the conversation. 
  4. What types of testing can automation support you with? Share an example. 
  5. Find, use and share your thoughts on a web UI testing tool. 
  6. Share what skills a team needs to succeed with automation in testing. 
  7. How do you choose which tools to use in your testing? 
  8. Demo some of your automation to  Ľnon-technical ľ members of your team.¬†
  9. Find, use and share your thoughts on an API testing tool. 
  10. Delete an automated check from your current checks and share why you chose the one you deleted. 
  11. Compare and contrast mocking, stubbing and faking. 
  12. Read and share an interesting blog on Automation. 
  13. Share your favourite automation tool and why. 
  14. Find 5 automation in testing experts to follow on Twitter. 
  15. Find, use and share your thoughts on a JavaScript testing tool 
  16. Share the most valuable piece of automation being used by your team. 
  17. What advice would you give to someone looking to get started with automation in testing? 
  18. Find and share a useful video about automation in testing. 
  19. Share a resource on testability along with your thoughts about the topic. 
  20. Find a visual way of representing your automated checks e.g. a diagram, heatmap etc. 
  21. Try and speed up your automated checks execution time, and share what you tried. 
  22. Share your biggest frustration with automation in testing! 
  23. Find, use and share your thoughts on a visual testing tool. 
  24. Discuss your automation strategy with your team. 
  25. Share what actions you take to make your automation maintainable. 
  26. Find, use and share your thoughts on a mobile testing tool 
  27. Share all the tools, frameworks and libraries currently used in your automation along with why. 
  28. Pair with a developer and review some of your existing automation. 
  29. Share how you manage test data in your automated checks. 
  30. If you could create any test tool, what would that tool do? 
  31. Bonus: Create and share a script that generates random data!
Richard Bradshaw's profile
Richard Bradshaw

Richard Bradshaw is an experienced tester, consultant and generally a friendly guy. He shares his passion for testing through consulting, training and giving presentation on a variety of topics related to testing. He is a fan of automation that supports testing. With over 10 years testing experience, he has a lot of insights into the world of testing and software development. Richard is a very active member of the testing community. Richard blogs at and tweets as @FriendlyTester. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Whiteboard Testing.

Mark Winteringham's profile
Mark Winteringham

Tester, Toolsmith, Author and Instructor

Mark Winteringham is a tester, toolsmith and author of AI-Assisted Testing and Testing Web APIs, with over ten years of experience providing testing expertise on award-winning projects across a wide range of technology sectors, including BBC, Barclays, UK Government and Thomson Reuters. He is an advocate for modern risk-based testing practices and trains teams in Automation, Behaviour Driven Development and Exploratory testing techniques. He is also the co-founder of Ministry of Testing Essentials a community raising awareness of careers in testing and improving testing education. You can find him on Twitter @2bittester or at

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